Merge data using ODKmeta

I was wondering how to merge data using ODKmeta or anyone who can help me merge data I am using.
I don't know what I am doing wrong using STATA merge command.

Hi @TheuriKingori!

odkmeta creates a do-file that, among other tasks, merges the CSV files that ODK Briefcase exports for a particular form. The do-file uses the Stata merge command. To download odkmeta, type ssc install odkmeta in Stata, then type help odkmeta to view the help file.

Are you able to run odkmeta successfully? Does the do-file that odkmeta creates run successfully? If not, what error message or other issue do you see?

Note that you don't need to use odkmeta to merge Briefcase data in Stata: you can use the merge command yourself. In that case, you may find it useful to read more about the Briefcase export CSV format. Note that if you run into Stata issues not related to ODK, questions about those are best suited for Statalist.

Hope that helps!

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Hey in stata you can merge dataset with the help of merge command. I also gave link which is here.


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