Migration and data desapear

1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.
I use ODK Collect 1.27.3
I already migrate my data on 1rst of July
tonight, odk ask me to migrate again.
I accept
and all my data ans mu forms desapear
My pb is that there were very importante data (photo) on my old formular and that the formular didnt correctly goes into my google data sheet since the migration
so I lose every tyhing
Do you know a way to get back my photo ?
It is very important to me (for work)

Hi @Fabienne35

Did you reinstall the app? Normally the message shouldn't be displayed again.

Please check if odk folder exists on your sdcard. You can do that connecting your device via usb and browsing your sdcard on your computer.

i think the problem is a bit harder

on a other device i experiment the same problem : all my photo form and survey rsult despear after the automatic update

in this 2nd device no lessage about migration appear

the folders are empy (instance folder and form folder)
even the db file are empty

i can't understand what append

i lose almost 200 instances in 2 secondes. that 's very strange

i have no sd card on my phone ou tab

i don't know if i can continue using my form or if i risk to lose every thing again (i use is for work)

with no explaination continuing is too challenging for le
too sad. i used to love my odk survey

Our users have performed migration over 90k times so far and no one reported data loss as far as I know but you experienced it on two devices? Are you sure you didn't uninstall the app manually?

in fact the problem appear first with a migration message
but on the other device, it appear witouht migration message
it seams that the proble appear with the automatic update to 1.27.3
the first lauch after update crash all form and instance one my 2 devices;

Do you remember maybe from which version did you started migration?