Minimal appearance is not working if we use external file

What is the problem? Please be detailed!
I had designed a odk form having large amount of data in choices sheet. As per the guidelines of ODK, I had used itemset.csv file and edited in .xml files as instructed and it is working fine. But my concern why minimal appearance is not working if we use external file? Please anyone suggest how can minimal can be used for external itemsets?

What ODK tool and version are you using? And on what device and operating system version?
ODK Collect v1.4 r1033

Hi Rakesh,

I am not very familiar with the "external selects" function which I assumed you worked with, so I'm not sure why minimal would not work there. From what I understand however, "External selects" works similar to pre-loading a csv file when you work with XLSForm, as explained here:

I always use this function for large lists of choices. To give it the minimal appearance, you can put "minimal" in the appearance column before search(), with a space between the words. If you are able to work with XLSForm you could try if this works for you as well, instead of using "external selects".

Thank You so much. I will implement your solution in my work. Actually I had not used "external select" criteria in my ODK form. I had implemented which is suggested in given link.

I have large amount of data for Areas, more about 10,000 area. So I have to do as given in link provided by me.

Hi @rakesh0143,
Did you fix this issue? I am facing to same problem.
I try "minimal search('itemsets')" in appearance column but it is not working?
Please can you explain more about the solution you find?