Missing data in Aggregate

Hi Yaw,

We tried the above steps but in our case, this isn't working.

We are conducting 8 surveys simultaneously, each questionnaire it has column numbers around 1800 ( as per the result sheet).

In each survey, we are collecting around 30 samples per day. we did not face any problem related to missing data forms but from last few days 4 to 5 samples are missing on a daily basis.

How can we get back the missing data and what precautions should we take to avoid this in the future.


Sorry to hear you are missing data.

  1. What ODK Aggregate version are you using? And on what platform (e.g., App Engine, Tomcat with MySQL). What about the version of ODK Collect and Android OS and device?
  2. How do you know 4-5 samples a day are missing? Are the samples on the device but not on the server?
  3. What, if anything has changed in the last few days (e.g., device update, server upgrade)

The issue has been resolved.

I think due to network fluctuations, ODK collect failed to upload attachment files for few forms and which is why the data appeared directly to the Submission admin section, till then we were not aware of the existence of such a section.

thanks for your support...