Missing Photo odk collect

Hello, we are using ODK collect for a long time.
but those 3 weeks I found that a lot of photos are missing in the smartphone and aggregate server.
in the XML file, the name of the photo exists but I can't find it.
The first time I was thinking that the field agent deletes the photo from his phone.
but it already happens with 3 field agent.
before we use the Nexus 5 but now for 6 months, all field agents have Samsung J6 or Samsung A40.

Did anybody notice this bug? and how can I fix it?


I don't know whether this is a bug with ODK - I had a few instances where a 'field agent' (I don't think it was 007) took images and two were missing. The filename existed in the xml, but nothing uploaded. I also found one image that was partially corrupt (lower part of the image was incomplete).

I am wondering therefore if it is a problem with the phone, possibly the image corrupting before being stored? This was a Galaxy S10, but is not mine so I don't have access to it to look at the storage. I wouldn't know how to test that and it seems to have been intermittent problem - 4 images out of 50, 2 consecutive records, where 3 images were taken but not delivered to the server, and one the following day... The data was sent to Google sheets.

I have used Samsung Galaxy Note II and Note 4 (multiple of each) Sony Xperia Z5 and Fairphone 1 to collect 1000s of records with images and never had this issue. I checked the same form with my Fairphone and Note 4 but couldn't replicate.

Sorry if this isn't a definitive answer, but it might be helpful in tracking down a solution


are those photos not sent but exist on your devices or not sent and not exist?

If the photos are on the filed forms on the phones use ODK briefcase to pull them as you look for a fix. I haven't came across such a problem in the past.

They are not sent and not exist but I have the name of the picture in the XML file

I don't find them in the device to put them manually

But they existed at least for a while right? Otherwise your agents would have noticed that there is no photo in the widget under Take photo/Choose Image buttons.

Yes and it's required questions. But the thing is that the image disappear . I dont know how maybe in the sync the file was corrupt. Or the phone didn't save the file . I can't find why :disappointed_relieved:

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