Mixing cascading selection with questions

I have an issue for mixing questions with cascading selection. The cascade is the following: pilar> indicator> component> question (see attachment)Cascade - Questions6.xlsx (12.1 KB)
The issue I am facing is that I want to have text in order to reply to the question, not a select button.
I don't know how to build the xlsform so that the questions are filtering by the previous selection. I can only build a form showing all the question; Any help would be most welcomed
Thanks a lotCascade - Questions6.xlsx (12.2 KB)

You need to use relevant not choice_filter if you are trying to filter questions (instead of filter options). See the following for something maybe closer to what you want?
Cascade - Questions6 - dj edits.xlsx (12.7 KB)

Hi Joseph,
It's working perfectly well. You are a genius: Thanks very much !