Moving submissions from one Central server to another

Dear Team,

I'm writing to inquire about potentially migrating data from our development environment to the production instance.

We recently implemented a new data entry XLS form in the development instance and trained staff on its use. However, during their initial field visits, it came to light that the staff inadvertently captured data in the development environment instead of switching to the production instance.

I'd appreciate it if we could discuss the feasibility of migrating this captured data from development to production. Please advise on the recommended course of action to ensure our data integrity and minimize disruption to ongoing operations.

Thank you for your time and assistance.


If enumerators have switched to using prod, the least disruptive thing to do is to export the data from dev as CSV and import it into whatever reporting/analysis system you'll be using with prod. Alternatively, you could use API (or Briefcase) to pull the raw submissions from dev and push into prod.

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