Multi select and repeat issue

Dear all
I have a multi select question (like to select option A,B,C) after that i start a repeat group and ask this questions to the selected choice one by one , the main issue is that one I edit the multi selected options and start the repeat group again still the OLD select option appear ,

Appreciate your supporttest_2020.xls (46.5 KB)

Hi @Luat
This is not a simple issue.

First of all, if you use reapeat_count to restrict the number of repeats no matter if you do that passing an integer or calculating selected options in select_multiple question (like you did) if you change your answer decreasing that number, the additional groups won't be removed automatically. There is a workaround how to handle this case:

The second issue is clearing answers in groups when a change in another answer is added. I thought that it could be solved using Dynamic defaults
clear-repeat-group-test.xlsx (6.2 KB)
but this doesn't work with repeats (It clears the expected question only if we have just one group) @LN
do you know maybe if we can handle it somehow?

@Grzesiek2010 .Thank you for your usual support.
I don't know if the issue was clear for you because my English is not so good.
What I meant , I have a multi select question for example I selected A,B, and C then I have a repeat question asking at first for A , B and C after that I changed and edited the choices I selected to A and B only when again I go through the repeat questions for A and B, still the questions for C appears ,

If this is the only issue the solution is in the first link I provided:
To be exact this form:

I tried to come up with something even smarter that would not only update the number of groups but also clear existed answers inside of them.