Multiple challenges in XLSForm

Recently, I needed your help several times (because I didn't have such a "difficult" project). At this stage, I have several questions and I hope that you will help me in the same way, clarify the issue as you did before, thank you very much.

  1. Is it possible to use multiple function in cascade - then for each selected data (row 82 - dargi_4) in the following questions: (Q14 - Q20) names selected in dargi_4 will be displayed and corresponding answers will be given?
  2. Of course, it is possible to use begin repeat for group_Q13. In this case, how can the dargi_4 choice appear in questions (Q14 - Q20)?
    Thank you in advance.
  3. The data_ID - CSV file selected at the beginning of the question is not loaded either in kobotoolbox & ODK aggregate.
    3.1 I will send you both the excel file and the CSV (UTF8) fails, and maybe you can tell me if I have any errors or what could be the reason?
    3.2 excel = 2.516 kb and CSV = 18.134kb is this possible?
    Thank you once again for your attention and help.
    Sincerely, David

ARC_UNAG_2023_anketa_pirveli_bloki.xlsx (100.7 KB)

HI David,

Maybe I can take your first question and see if this information is along the correct track?

  • So yes at first glance it looks like you have used the choice filter well and you could use this in a "select_multiple" instead of "select_one" question
  • Yes you could do a calculation on the number of dargi4 selected and use this to create repeat groups for subsequent questions. This calculation would be used in the "repeat_count" column.
  • You can then start subsequent questions which iterate through this list but it is very complicated.

The easier way may be to include the questions in the group called Q13 inside an open ended repeated where the user decides on the repeat count and selects the appropriate dargi4 for each repeat.

Tank you noel for your attention.
For this moment think "the best decision" is us repeat group.
As for the first part, everything is working with "select_one", but when using the "select_multiple" it no longer shows the cascade points 2, 3 and 4.
I would be grateful if you could provide me with additional advice
ARC_UNAG_2023_cascade_ODK.xlsx (57.0 KB)
best wishes David

This is possible and I've answered the same question in this topic: Multiple choice in cascade - #4 by Grzesiek2010