Multiple choice question and ODK server administration

What is the problem? Please be detailed.
1-)When you delete a form (that possibly contains data), how can you retrieve these data?

2-)with an ODK server, imagine you give a username and the appropriate password to a partner that is responsible for survey on education for you and at the same time you give another username and the password to a partner that is responsible for survey about health for you. You are the administrator and the two partners are user. How can you prevent one partner from seeing (possibly deleting) the forms of the other partner?

3-)When you a multiple choice question, let's say: the possible answers are
d-)other, to specify
the next question is where you are going to specify the types. If only the answer ''other, to specify'' is chosen, there's no problem. But if you select the answer ''other, to specify'' plus another answer, the next question will not appear. How to code the form so that it could appear?

What ODK tool and version are you using? And on what device and operating system version?
I'm using ODK collect, on an android tablet.

What steps can we take to reproduce the problem?
just imagine a multiple choice question and ''other, specify'' is one of the possible response to the question. Choose ''other, specify'' plus another answer. The following question, where you must specify does not appear.

Hi @rswhilardy

Just to be clear: you mean ODK Aggregate saying ODK server right?

Question 1
If you have those finalized forms still on your device (phone) you can send all of them again. If you used ODK Briefcase to make a back up you can also resend your data. Otherwise it's not possible.

Question 2
Unfortunately, such a feature is not available in ODK Aggregate and you can't give someone permissions to a group of specific forms.

Question 3
Here is a sample form which solves your problem: select_multiple.xlsx (6.7 KB)


Hopefully @Grzesiek2010 has been able to answer your question(s). In the future, please remember to start a separate topic for each distinct question, otherwise it gets a bit difficult for us to track whether the topic can be 'closed' out as answered. thnx much.