Multiple Folders Found Exception: Multiple "Open Data Kit" Folders found


I am attempting to upload a number of ODK forms from the ODK collect app to a Google Sheet on my Google Drive Account. However, when I select a form (or number of forms) and tap "send selected" button, I get an error message stating "multiple folders found exception - Multiple Open Data Kit Folders Found" - see attached jpg for full error message.

I am signed into the correct Google account on the Samsung device, I have my Google drive set as my server and I have previously used this approach without problems.

I have tried to sign out of the Google Drive/Google account on all devices except the one I am using, and this yielded no change, with no luck. I also know that if I delete the photos from a saved form, I can then successfully send the ODK form to the Google Sheet.

The error suggests that the problem lies with the multiple instances of the default "Open Data Kit" Folder that the ODK collect app creates in the Google Drive's "My Drive" section.

The device I am using is the Samsung Galaxy S20 SM-G981B. Previously, I used the Samsung Galaxy S8 and did not have this problem.

Unfortunately, there was no specific action I can think of that might have triggered the problem, except that I have change to a different device as mentioned already. So I am not sure that it can be reproduced, unless other users have reported this problem.

I have attached a screen shot of the error for your use.

Thank you

Hi @dsvozil
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you are right. Please go to you drive and remove the duplicated folder (make sure you don't remove its content if exist).
There are two possible causes of this situation:

  1. You or one of your coworkers might have created that duplication manually - I doubt probably you wouldn't have asked then.
  2. Maybe something went wrong during uploading files and Collect somehow created two dirs. Generally it shouldn't happen but as I said maybe something went wrong.

So please just remove the duplication manually and everything should work well.

Thank you for the response,

I have checked for the duplicate folder, but there doesn't seem to be one. Does anyone know if there are other causes of the "Multiple Folders Found Exception" type error messages?

Perhaps something more cryptic may be the cause that generates a similar problem where ODK Collect does not know where to send the submissions?

This particular error message might occur only if during uploading to Google Drive more than one folder with Open Data Kit is detected and I'm sure about it. You can give me permissions to your GD (in private) and I can take a look at it trying to send some data.

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Hello @dsvozil and @Grzesiek2010

I have the same error, I looked for the duplicate folder within Open Data Kid, but I did not find said folder. In my case the problem happen when using photographs (image), if I do not take the photograph the rest of the data is sent without problem.

I still do not solve the problem, any idea what it could be?*

Hi @famador
I think you must have multiple Open Data Kid folders there is no other explanation for that. If you see just one folder maybe try delete/rename it and try again (make sure you copied all the data you need before to avoid loosing it).

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Hi @Grzesiek2010.

I search in other levels of my drive, effectively i have another folder with the same name (Empty). Initially I was just looking at the root.

I renamed the folder. After that, all data send good.

Thanks a lot.