Multiple repeats in a survey

Hi all,
Happy to be a part of ODK community. I am Vivek, a physician in Public
Health with a keen interest in using technology for health-care.
I am in the process of developing a proof -of-concept XForm for a household
survey. First section will have Household level questionnaires such as
address, type of housing structure etc. Within each house, all members will
be screened as per their age-groups (different screening questions for
different age groups). For this I plan to have four separate repeat groups:

  • One for under 5s,
  • one for 5-15 years olds,
  • one for 15-60 years and
  • last for 60 years and above.

IF screened positive the member will be subjected to further questions.
Within this, i envisage, there will be another repeat group related to
various occasions of health seeking (number of episodes variable). I wish
to know, what are possible limitations of having a repeat within a repeat.
From the forum, I have already gleaned that:

  • referring to items in one repeat group in another repeat group is not
    possible since the corresponding JavaRosa functions are not yet integrated
    in collect
  • it is possible to refer to items in a repeat group in the main
    non-repeating section of the questionnaire provided I limit the possible
    number of entries in the repeating section. AN example has been provided as

Is there anythng else as well that I should be careful about. From the
experienced members, I would like to learn what are some tricks that I can
employ to simplify the data management of the system.
I plan on using ODKCollect an ODKAggregate (Local Tomcat + MySQL install) :
already set up and tested as working with a small test form on my
laptop. Xform development using XLS2Form. I will also be comfortable
doing minor hand-coding of the XML file.