MySQL Data to ODK Agregate

Dear All,
I'm new to ODK, but 15 years old Cspro application developer.
We would like to perform longitudinal survey using an existing database stored on MySQL. In Cspro, it would be very easy to import and sync them using Excel2Cspro.
Please, do you have or know a solution that can be used to migrate the MySQL database to aggregate server or ODK collect? Enumerators would use them in ODK Collect for the survey.
Please let me know about.
Thanks in advance for response,

Welcome to the ODK forum, @htuser ! We're glad you're here. When you get a chance, please introduce yourself here. I'd also encourage you to add a real picture as your avatar because it helps build community!

Longitudinal data collection support in ODK is something that is on the roadmap:

You might also take a look at ODK-X for some of the more advanced functionality that you're looking to implement.

Thank you very much @danbjoseph. While waiting for Longitudinal data collection support in ODK, i'm taking a look on ODK X.
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@htuser If return visits are not very often, you can get longitudinal behavior in ODK Collect. You can build a CSV with the data you want to to reference in the form, attach it to the follow up form, and then use pulldata() to access it.

Thank you @yanokwa. Since we need frequent update, pulldata() is'nt right for me. Another question, do you have a solution to parse questionnaire in MySQL specific schema with multiple table and columns in ODK? Please see this project as an example:
Thanks in advance for response.

No, I'm not aware of such a solution.

@danbjoseph, i don't find anyway to use ODK-X tools for upload any data from to ODK agregate. Please do you have any idea? Where are you with the longitidunal data migration feature?
Please let me know.
Thanks in advance,

ODK-X is a separate set of data management tools. ODK Aggregate is not part of the ODK-X tools. You'll need to use ODK Survey, Tables, and Services. The ODK-X docs have a sample application to help understand the functionality of ODK-X. Check out the Getting Started User Guide:

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