Neutralizing case sensitivity for choice_filter values


I am using choice_filter for a long list of STATE->DISTRICT->TOWNSHIP->VILLAGE lists, with villages list reaching upto 1000+. Since the choice_filter is actively working to shorten the list based on prior selection, I have discovered that it is strictly case-sensitive; meaning for a TOWNSHIP names 'Central_Town', the associated villages would only appear if the township column will read exactly 'Central_Town' in case-sensitive manner. Other combinations like 'CENTRAL_TOWN', 'Central_town', 'central_town' etc. are not working to display associated village list.

It is not possible for me to manually spell-check and fix hundreds of entries. Any method of making it work in case-insensitive form?


Can't you use Excel or any other tool like that and convert everything to uppercase or lowercase so that everything has the same format?