New install, cannot retrieve list of forms, don't forget this step

The installation for both ODK Collect and Aggregate went very smoothly. I
got tripped up over a very simple thing: failure to set the password. :wink:

( I think the error messages could be better, and perhaps the aggregate
user interface should suggest that the password is a field rather than a
button; UIX issues at most)

Its been months since I had read the instructions, so this might be a good
data point for you all. I documented this, hope its helpful.

Followed instructions at . Got my
coffee on queue.
Referencing this:

  • After clean install of Collect 1.1.7 from Android Market (after
    deleting all forms, and all associated data via application management)
  • After getting Aggregate 1.0.4 release installed on
  • After logging in over https
  • After setting up users in Aggregate user management
  • After using the user credentials I gave above in > settings on
    Collect and
  • ODK Collect> Get Blank Form - I get a request for credentials, then a

(i) Error Getting Form List

Form listing failed. Error: / - Network is unreachable
while accessing
Form listing failed. responded with
internal error (500).

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