Not able to upload XML form


1. I have created a questionnaire though xls and converted to xml, validated through ODK validate, not issues. But when I upload questionnaire on ODK aggregate I get this error "Error: Problem with JavaRosa Parsing Form: org.opendatakit.aggregate.exception.ODKIncompleteSubmissionData: Javarosa failed to construct a FormDef. Is this an XForm definition?"

2. I'm using Aggregate 1.4.15 version, because its already mounted on google cloud.


Could you attach XLSForm here?

I was getting the same message error, I have updated Aggregate version and that was the solution for me.

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Agreed with @oscrug that the problem is likely that the form has features that the very old Aggregate @Aline_Kullu is using does not supported.

If I update the aggregate then do I have mount it on google cloud again?