ODK 1.11.1 Preload data Problem

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I'm having a problem with the new ODK version (1.11.1) and preloaded data. Since the update, any Forms downloaded from KoboToolbox Server - after upgrade to 1.11.1 - stopped recognizing the preloaded CSV. The installed forms before 1.11.1 upgrade are working normally, but all downloads after it does not recognize the CSV - none error message is shown, and the CSV was downloaded normally inside forms folder (.db, .db-journal, .csv.imported).
I tested it on 4 different devices from Android 4.4.4 to 7, and all had the same problem.

I thought the problem was with the KobotolboxServer but after downgrading the ODK to 1.11.0 in those four devices, the problem was solved. The downloaded forms from Kobo - after downgrade - recognized the preloaded data.

I'm with 60 researchers in the field at this moment and a new Form with preload data will be released to them on 2nd December. Each one has a Samsung tablet with Android 4.4.4 and ODK 1.11.1. What should I do? Is to teach the researchers in the field how to manually downgrade the best option? They are collecting too much data currently, I'm afraid to lose some after downgrading.

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Have they started the data collection and with which version of ODK Collect are they currently using?

Fabla, they are in field collecting data since the beginning of November and the version of all ODK in the sixty tablets is 1.11.1.
At this moment, we are using two forms. But, at the beginning of December, I need to release one more.

please can you be detail about the preloading of the data to kobo-toolbox, what error message do you get when you use ODK Collect 1.11.1

Little bit off the topic from main issue but this might be helpful under extreme cases.
Just to avoid loss of data in any case, you can keep back up of filled forms on mobile devices by copying them in other directory or any other device. The finalized forms will be available for sending again once you paste the forms in back in /sdcard/odk/instances.
This behavior has been observed here :

@LN What do you think about this approach to avoid loss of data under circumstances of upgrading/downgrading?
This might not be a very good way but according to me it can work but, still needs testing.

I just verified that pulldata works as expected in Collect v1.11.1 with a form pulled from Aggregate so it's likely something related to this specific form, @Daniel_Castro. v1.11.1 was a patch release with only a few bug fixes: https://github.com/opendatakit/collect/releases/tag/v1.11.1. What exactly do you mean by the CSV not being recognized? The only thing I can think of is that maybe you have an expression that uses round?

If you could share your form and CSV here that would give everyone the best shot at troubleshooting the problem. Alternately, can you get the same behavior with a small form that isolates the problem?

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