ODK 1 TSC Call - 2018-10-17

I'll take the lack of comments as an indication of a profound level of satisfaction with the current state of all things ODK :slight_smile:

In lieu of any other topics, here's what I propose (obviously this is way too much material, but we can pick and mix from it as desired):

Reviewing of action items:

  1. Governance procedures (Yaw)
  2. Process for adding ODK tools (Tom)
  3. SMS workflow - does anyone have any feedback for @alxndrsn's feedback?
  4. GeoODK export
  5. Export without group names

Roadmap check-ins - let's take a look at the state of one or two of these:

  1. Use ISO8601 date format everywhere (Guillermo)
  2. Extend audit log to include GPS coordinates (Yaw)
  3. Background collection of GPS (Hélène)
  4. Collect: Adding mapbox tiles (Yaw?)
  5. Deprecate ActivityLogger (Shobhit)