ODK 1 TSC Call - 2018-10-31

ODK 1 TSC calls bring together the Technical Steering Committee to discuss roadmaps, working groups, and other issues of technical governance. Everyone is welcome to come to these calls, but only TSC members may talk.

The calls are held every two weeks in our UberConference room from 16-17 London time. We put the agenda, audio, and transcript of every call in this document.

Our next call will be Wed, Oct 31st, from 16-17 London time (see in your timezone).

If there are topics you would like to add to the TSC's agenda, please comment below. :point_down:

@TAB please carefully take note of the time as I believe it will have changed for all those not in Europe. Today is the end of British Summer Time. As we agreed on last time there was a time change, we are continuing to have our meetings at 16:00 London time.

I see someone updated the Google Calendar event, thanks!

But the ones for subsequent meetings still show the wrong time I think...

@alxndrsn requesting an agenda topic to discuss UX/style review practices. 10 mins should be sufficient.

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I believe that this time there's only one week (this week) where Europe and North America are on different phases of DST. So for the North Americans, the time should go back to what we usually expect the following meeting. Folks like @Ukang_a_Dickson or @Shobhit_Agarwal in locales without DST should see the time shifted by an hour until the spring. And who knows how @aurdipas can keep track of the time given how much he travels! :blush:

Ahh, dates/times are the worst. Shall we spend 10mins discussing @ggalmazor's latest date/time study document? I'm most interested in hearing from all about what kind of analysis users do with dates today and how we can evaluate how disruptive changing output formats would be.

Done :+1:


@TAB there's not much on the agenda for this week's call.

Please take a look at the Parking Lot and let me know if there's anything there that you'd like to discuss on the call.

I've added our most up-to-date specification for logging location coordinates in the background to the agenda!

I will step through it during the call, but it might be best if the @TAB skimmed it before the call. It's light reading and you can find it at https://github.com/opendatakit/roadmap/issues/28.

We had discussed last time sharing a list of major topics and documents to review on the forum post a few days in advance. Better late than never!

  • @tomsmyth has put several questions about tool adoption guidelines up for consideration here. It would be good for us all to ponder those ahead of the discussion.
  • @ggalmazor has described goals and inconsistencies related to dates/times here. Probably good to skim it. My sense is that the most valuable thing for us to discuss is how dates and times are currently used for analysis in your experiences. Are they just used for ordering? Are they used to calculate intervals? Are they checked for validity? Etc.
  • @yanokwa has updated the location audit feature here and as he described above, he has a couple of questions at the bottom of the document for discussion.
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