ODK 1 TSC Call - 2019-03-20

ODK 1 @TAB calls bring together the Technical Steering Committee to discuss roadmaps, working groups, and other issues of technical governance. Everyone is welcome to come to these calls, but only TSC members may talk.

The calls are held every two weeks in our UberConference room from 16-17 London time. We put the agenda, audio, and transcript of every call in this document.

Our next call will be Wed, Mar 20th, from 16-17 London time (see in your timezone).

The agenda is tentatively as follows:

  • Review this draft of project governance
  • Review guidelines of other places that have marketplaces

The agenda can also be seen in the agenda document

If there are topics you would like to add to the TSC's agenda, please comment below. :point_down:

Thanks Shobhit! I believe the project governance should be the main item on this agenda. I think that's what we discussed last week, no?


I would also like to have a discussion about where we are with external data and think through the steps we'd like @adam.butler's crew at eHA to take. @tomsmyth, @martijnr, and @ggalmazor, we'll need your help here.

My goal is that by Sept, we have a fast and compliant way of addressing external data and a plan to deprecate the non-complaint ways.

Required reading: External data - current state of affairs


I'll be there!


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Alas I'll be away on business so it is unlikely I'll be able to make the meeting. Re agenda: I've started asking recent posters about their experience with the Marketplace forum, suggestions for ways we might improve it, etc, but I've have not received any feedback yet to share with TSC. So can we perhaps move this to the subsequent TSC meeting when hopefully I've have something meaningful to report?


Dear TSC,

Might you want to spend a couple of minutes discussing Spec proposal: add first-load event to replace xforms-ready? I think it would be good to have a decision in place before the auto-fill feature is released (that is, before the event, whatever it is named, is broadly used).

Have the analytics for those ways been shared somewhere? Last I looked a few months ago, I was impressed to see just how many forms use external data. Clearly, it's a deep need. In particular, pulldata is everywhere. So certainly it would be possible to mark some of those non-standards-compliant implementations as deprecated, but I'd expect that actually removing support would be a ways off.

For pulldata specifically, the function could stay and become an official part of the standard as a simplification of XPath queries that do the same thing. I think @martijnr supports it in Enketo on top of spec-compliant external CSV support, for example.

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Seems I will still be on the road in a foreign country, my apologies for my absence in today's call.

FYI we (NZ) lose daylight savings imminently, which - if this London timeslot remains the same - next TSC call will be 3am downunder (when my intellect isn't exactly at its sharpest... :sleeping: ). Is there any chance we could move it 'back' to 5am NZST? although I realize that would entail a +2hr shift for most of y'all Northern hemisphere folk...