ODK Aggregate 1.0.5 Release Candidate is now available for download

ODK Aggregate 1.0.5 Release Candidate is now available for download.

This is a Release Candidate and should be considered less reliable
than a Production release.


  • reduced memory requirements during CSV and KML file generation (supports
    exporting files for larger datasets)
  • support publishing of forms from Build directly into Aggregate on
    AppSpot instances (only).
  • Oauth 2.0 support - requests with Google Oauth 2.0 tokens with access to
    https://www.googleapis.com/auth/userinfo.email will have all the rights
    granted to that Google user.
  • bookmarks to ODK Aggregate pages should now be preserved in the face of
    login challenges (regression in v1.0.4)

The concerns w.r.t. stability of this release are in the areas of website
security and the login process.


If you are running a Tomcat instance proxied behind another web server or
have non-standard security configurations, please report any breakages.

ยทยทยท -- Mitch Sundt Software Engineer University of Washington mitchellsundt@gmail.com