ODK Aggregate 1.0.8 Production Release and ODK Aggregate 1.1 Preview are now available for download

*ODK Aggregate 1.0.8 Production Release is now available for download.

··· * * Fix cut-and-paste typo that radically slowed down Briefcase and Form Uploader when using multimedia forms with over 100 media files. * Performance fix to TaskLock implementation of GAE that may provide some minor speed improvements. * Correctness fix to TaskLock implementations of MySQL and PostgreSQL that allowed two locking requests issued at exactly the same second to both gain the task lock.

*ODK Aggregate 1.1 Preview is now available for download.

  1. PREVIEW RELEASE Production deployments should remain on the v1.0.8
    release unless the features of this release are critical to your
  2. Form definition files and media attachments can now be altered and
    those changes uploaded to the ODK Aggregate server. The server still
    maintains only one version of the form, and all alterations must not affect
    the number of questions in the form or change the data type of any field
    (e.g., from int to decimal or string, etc.).
  3. Whenever a form or any of its media files are modified, the version
    attribute in the top-level element (where the form id is defined) must be
    changed. Version attributes are recommended to be of the form "yyyymmddnn",
    e.g., 2012060400 -- the last two digits are the form iteration within the
    given day. They must be integer values and the new value must compare
    lexically greater than the prior value (this means, for example, since "9"
    compares lexically greater than "10", you cannot update a version from 9 to
    10 -- but you could upgrade from "09" to "10").
  4. There is a 15-minute grace period for uploading revisions after which
    the version must be incremented (e.g., incremented to 2012060401).
  5. Note #1: ODK Briefcase and ODK Form Uploader must be upgraded before
    they will work with this release (expect the updates to be available
    sometime this week).
  6. Compatibility issues may arise as we understand the full
    ramifications of this change.
  7. Note #2: ODK Collect 1.1.7 has buggy support for versioned forms. If
    you make use of versioning, you should use ODK Collect 1.2 RC1.
  8. An updated ODK Aggregate 1.1 will be released at the time ODK Collect
    1.2 becomes the official production release.

See http://code.google.com/p/opendatakit/wiki/AggregateReleaseNotes for
upgrade information and futher details.

http://opendatakit.appspot.com is now running v1.0.7

Mitch Sundt
Software Engineer
University of Washington