ODK Aggregate 1.0 Beta 3 installers available for download

The ODK Aggregate Beta 3 Installers for Windows, Linux and OSX are available
for download.

*If upgrading *on top of an existing install (AppEngine or Tomcat), *you must
*follow the instructions in the release notes.


Failure to follow those instructions will leave Aggregate in a state where
it will appear to be in "continual browser refresh."

New installs to new AppEngine application ids or to new MySQL or
PostgreSQL databases don't require any special actions.

The beta 3 can be downloaded here:
Please follow the steps in the release notes if upgrading:
The security page has been updated:

https://opendatakit.appspot.com/ is now running Beta 3. If you are
connecting to it from an ODK Collect 1.1.5 phone, you will need to revise
the server URL to use 'https' rather than 'http'. ODK Collect 1.1.7 does
not require this (it will silently switch to https:).

Please file any bug reports in our issue tracker, and be sure to note what
software versions you're using (e.g., ODK Collect 1.1.7 beta and/or ODK
Aggregate 1.0 beta 3): http://code.google.com/p/opendatakit/issues/list

We had a lot of people from the community provide great feedback and code
that went into this release, and we'd like to thank everyone for helping to
improve and push the project forward!

ยทยทยท -- Mitch Sundt Software Engineer http://www.OpenDataKit.org University of Washington mitchellsundt@gmail.com