ODK Aggregate is not working with MySQL 5.6.23

ODK-Aggregate-v1.7.1, v1.7.0, v1.4.15 & v1.4.14 are not working with MySQL 5.6.23 and I have no option to upgrade the MySQL version. Jdk1.7.x, Jdk1.8.x, and Tomcat:5, Tomcat:6, Tomcat:7, Tomcat:8.5.x are exists in the server. I have tried with various combinations but failed. Please any one can help me to give the information about ODK-Aggregate version which works with MySQL 5.6.23

As documented at https://docs.opendatakit.org/aggregate-deployment-planning/#component-versions, you need MySQL 5.7 or greater.

You can try the https://docs.opendatakit.org/aggregate-vm/ or if you are technical, you can try the Docker Compose setup.

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