ODK aggregate minimum requirements for supporting packages Java/Tomcat/MySQL


Maybe I am missing it, but there are no guidelines about which versions of Java/Tomcat/MySQL are minimum required by every version of ODK Aggregate. I remember struggling with making Aggregate 1.4.13 work for 3 days with Tomcat6 and then finding a comment somewhere that it requires minimum Tomcat7 and Java8.

Is there a list which describes these things? If yes, then please point me to it. If no, then please do put this in release notes perhaps.


This page has a lot of the information you'd need. It's for people wanting to work on Aggregate code, but it has all the version information you're looking for.

I agree (in advance) that it's probably not in the easiest-to-find spot; we're still spooling up a major documentation improvement effort.

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https://github.com/opendatakit/opendatakit/wiki/Aggregate-Release-Notes has also a ton of information on the various differences in the versions.

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Sorry to bring it up again, but I am still unable to reach to my required info, related to the minimum version pre-requesites of Java/Tomcat/MySQL for ODK Aggregate installation and working (this time for version 1.6.0). Both the links mentioned by @yanokwa and @issa above are either not working or not updated now. Can anyone help on this? @LN


For everyone's benefit, I got following info after a long time of hit-and-trial.

ODK Aggregate 1.4.15 works on following versions of supporting packages:

  • Java 1.7.0_181
  • Tomcat 8
  • MySQL 5.7.22

However, Aggregate 1.6.0 does not work on the above environment (not sure why, even through these are fairly new versions of all). I just spent 3 hours in troubleshooting, but finally reverted back to installing the working 1.4.15 aggregate.

Hi, @Saad!

Aggregate 1.6.0 requires Java8u171 or higher to work. The rest of the specs you've noted look good.


@ggalmazor Can you please add the Tomcat versions and MySQL/PostgreSQL versions to the docs? That'll save the next person a lot of time!

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Done :slight_smile: