ODK aggregate not opening

java - 8.0.2210.11
postgreSQL - 9.5.8
ODKaggregate - 1.4.4
i have installed the java, postgres and ODK aggregate. i have deployed the war file also on tomcat by signing in my username and password. but every time i enter my ip address - i receive - you do not have permission for this action. error. invalid request.
i have used some of the steps of this video to install - https://youtu.be/NUt55nGM05U
these are the screenshots of my problem. Please can anybody solve this issue and tell me how my ODK aggregate will open.

if you want to ask any thing please feel free to ask
Please tell me the solution of this issue. i have tried every possibility but this ODK aggregate is not opening at all and i am not able to add my form upon which my whole study is based.
thankyou in advance for help .