ODK aggregate page flickering

Hello from Ethiopia my name is Alazar Bharau a data manager at the DSS data center. recently we were upgrading our server and i took a database dump of the MYSQL database odk_prod and exported it without any problem. After installing ODKAggregate on the new server i just imported the dumped .sql file to the newly installed ODKAggregate odk_prod db. Then when i call the address localhost:8080/odkaggregate/aggregate.html then the page started flickering and i cant click on other links.

Can any one suggest me a solution to the problem?


Are you able to export and share any server logs that might help troubleshoot? (Make sure it doesn't have sensitive information about accessing your server.)
Or check the console log of your browser's developer tools for any error messages?

Did you restore to the exact same version? If you didn't there could be issues.

One easy thing to try is to use incognito/private mode and see if that helps. If it does, then it's a cookie/cache issue, so you should clear both.