ODK aggregate: two forms with same title -> unable to see submissions

Dear all,

I have a problem with seeing or downloading submissions in ODK aggregate (it neither works with the Briefcase) for one of my forms.

The problem seems to be related with the following: After the start of the survey, we made some changes in the questionnaire and I uploaded an updated version of it to the ODK aggregate server. Unfortunately, without changing the form title. However, I did change the form id.
This means, now there are two forms titled "Household Questionnaire" on the server, one with the id "household_questionnaire150218" and another one with the id "household_questionnaire200218". The second version has been uploaded after we received the first 40 submissions of the first version. After that, all enumerators continued working with the new version "household_questionnaire200218" and successfully uploaded completed instances, which however cannot be seen or downloaded in Aggregate.
When I select the Submissions button in Aggregate, I am able to select the form "Household Questionnaire" two times, but I only the 40 submissions of the older version.

Do I have to delete the form "household_questionnaire150218" in order to solve the problem?

We are working with ODK Collect v1.12.

Thanks a lot in advance for your advice,

Hi @Denise, i will suggest you follow the following steps to see if you can get both data rather than deleting any of the forms.

  1. you have to create two folders and name them data1 and data2 respectively.
  2. on briefcase go to settings and change the storage location to the data1 folders
  3. go back to pull tab and make sure you select the first form with the "Household Questionnaire" and click on pull
  4. export the data to data1 folder and view it to see if that is the older version data or the new version. if it is the older version data it should be 40 submissions.
  5. go back to the settings type and change the storage location to the new folder directory.
  6. go back to the pull tab and make sure you select the second form with the name "Household Questionnaire" and click on pull.
  7. export the data to data2 folder and view it to make sure that you now have the other submissions which should be different from the first one you get.

please let us know if this works out for you or not so that we can suggest another alternative for it.


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Hi Fabla,

thank you so much for the quick and helpful reply! I followed your steps and it works, great!


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