ODK Aggregate v1.4.13 now available for download

ODK Aggregate v1.4.13 is available on the downloads page:

The VM is not yet updated to use v1.4.13. Yaw will send a follow-up when it
is available.

There are upgrade steps required for all platforms. See

Key features of this new release:

  • Google Sheets publisher uses a newer API and libraries
  • For Tomcat installs, in now expects Tomcat 8. (Tomcat 6 is no longer
    supported by Apache).
  • Add support for Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Server (databases)
  • NaN +Infinity and -Infinity are now handled within Google AppEngine
    (only). See Release Notes (above) for the limitations of other databases.
  • When a publisher enters the Paused state, there is now a button to
    trigger ODK Aggregate to resume from that state. This happens automatically
    every 8 minutes or so, but having a resume button simplifies integration
    testing. i.e., when a publisher is in the Paused state, you do NOT need to
    click this button -- but if you are testing a publisher to your own server,
    it can be useful to have.
ยทยทยท -- Mitch Sundt Software Engineer University of Washington mitchellsundt@gmail.com