ODK Aggregate v1.4.8 available for download!

This release is now available for download on the website.

NOTE: the Aggregate VM has not yet been updated (there will be a follow-on
e-mail when it is available).

Significant user-visible changes:

  • You can now *upload *to Google App Engine!
  • Add support for geotrace and geoshape to Export-to-KML (for ODK 1.x).
  • Fixes for timezone and dateTime* data corruption *that could cause the
    day portion of a dateTime to be off by +/- 1 and the time-of-day to be
    incorrectly adjusted for local daylight savings time.

The dateTime changes will be in the next ODK Collect release. This should
address many of the edit-after-save errors that have been reported with
time and dateTime values.

In all cases, the issue was that if you had a local time:

E.g., 5pm in Los Angeles time zone:

2016-05-01 17:00-08

When the form submission was reopened (either in ODK Collect or in ODK
Aggregate), the conversion to UTC would fail to propagate changes in the
day and would record this as:

2016-05-01 01:00Z

when it should have been:

2016-05-02 01:00Z

This issue only causes data corruption when the time zone offset and the
time combine to cause a date change when the entered value is converted to
UTC. That conversion occurs when reading (e.g., editing) a saved submission
or submitting to ODK Aggregate.

A related issue impacted times on the dates when a time zone transitioned
into or out of daylight savings time. This could cause the time-of-day to
be improperly converted to UTC (typically loosing or gaining the
hour-adjustment that should have been made for daylight savings time).

Further details of the changes are available in the release notes:

ยทยทยท -- Mitch Sundt Software Engineer University of Washington mitchellsundt@gmail.com