ODK Aggregate v1.6.1 not installing

I am upgrading odk Aggregate from v1.5.0 to v1.6.1 with my existing Apache Tomcat v6.0.
When i putt ODKAggregate war to webapps folder of Tomcat 6.0 it's did not properly extracted.

Any suggestion/solution will be highly appreciated.

Hi, @tasadduq786!

Could you confirm your Tomcat version? Aggregate requires an Apache Tomcat 8 or greater.

Also, normally, you would require to restart the tomcat server to get it to explode the war file. Can you try that?

I restart tomcat any time but can't succeeded.
My tomcat version is 6.0.


Hi @tasadduq786

This link https://docs.opendatakit.org/aggregate-tomcat/ has very useful information regarding aggregate installation.

Try to read it though, you will learn alot in there.

With upgrade process you need to be very careful.

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i can update my existing tomcat v 6.0 with tomcat v8.0?


Yes, it is just a program, with proper expertise you can do that.

OK,i will try to upgrade tomcat to latest version.
I am very grateful to you.

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