ODK-Aggregate-v1.7.0 installation requirement

What is requirement for ODK-Aggregate-v1.7.0 installation on aws ubuntu server? like;
memory limit, CPU limit, volume limit?
which Tomcat version?
which JAVA version?
which MySql version?

Note: please don't suggest me this link "https://docs.opendatakit.org/aggregate-aws/". i try already and its not working.


Hi, @Rana!

I'm sorry about that. Officially, we don't support deploying on AWS and that guide was contributed by someone long time ago. Obviously, it's now obsolete.

In the Tomcat guide you have an up to date table of requirements: https://docs.opendatakit.org/aggregate-tomcat/#component-versions

Would you be interested on updating the AWS guide once you get it working? If so, you can edit the guide clicking on the "Edit on GitHub" button at the top right corner :wink:


Hi Rana

I have done this deployment a couple of times. My suggestion is this:

  1. Do not install ODK Aggregate DB on the same EC2 instance as you have running your other programs. Create an RDS instance and deploy the ODK DB there. If not you will find your ODKAggregate freezing often if you do not have enough memory on your EC2 instance. Furthermore, if you launch an RDS instance you can start with 10GB storage and are free to scale up at anytime necessary. You also don't need as big an instance as you use for EC2.

  2. You need at least 4GB JVM to run ODKAggregate successfully on AWS. That is if you will be accessing and downloading forms regularly and collecting large amounts of data regularly or through several different forms. This is the safest minimum memory on AWS and if you used a reserved EC2 instance, you can get some good and cost effective solutions for this (I suggest a reserved instance of m4xlarge).

  3. If it won't affect your apps, MySQL 5.5 is recommended. Although when you deploy on EC2, AWS provides the most updated packaged including php 7.

  4. In the past one had to use a specific version of Tomcat to deploy ODKAggregate. Now it is compatible with all versions. I have Tomcat 7 running on my AWS instance and it works just fine with ODK.

Hope this helps you out.



@Leangelindiku17 , It was a beautiful suggestion. I will take this note! It can be help for running a large production project. I already have done with deployment and I also get some odk performance issues with AWS free tier, like as you said. I create this server as required for a run a small size project using t2 small instance and it works for me.

@ggalmazor yes! Very soon I will share the process of odk installation on aws cloud. :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards.


Hi @Rana! Did you get a chance to write up the install process? If you can put it in a Google Doc, we'd be happy to work with you to get it into the official docs!

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Hello, @ggalmazor, @yanokwa

First of all i am not good at organized writing :expressionless:. It will pleasure if you want update some context on it. I'm trying to explain step by step. You can use anywhere if you want to.

Here is link of ODK installation process on AWS Cloud.

Best regards.

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