ODK briefcase - Pull failed


I struggle to export data from my ODK aggregate server. I succeeded a week ago when there was only 1 form on the aggregate server. Now we have 3 forms on the aggregate server. The forms are similar - the 2nd and 3rd form are improved version of the first form following the feedback provided by enumerators. The 3 forms have different file names, but variable/group names are identical.

I now have roughly 50 observations for each form and I would like to conduct a preliminary analysis of the data.

When I try to PULL the form it does not go further than "processing chunk 1" and then shows "FAILED".

I am working with ODK tools (Briefcase v1.7 and the latest ODK aggregate version) using the google app engine on a mac computer.

I tried changing folder - reinstalling briefcase - which did not help. My hunch is that it is something related to various versions of a similar form, but I am by no means an expert in ODK tool, and really need some advice on this.

I would be grateful for any suggestion.


Hi Charles! I've got a couple of questions for you.

When the transfer fails in Briefcase, you can tap on the Details button and that will show you, well, the details. Can you copy and paste the few lines before the failure, the failure itself, and everything after?

Also, what happens if you download the CSVs directly from Aggregate without involving Briefcase. does that work?

Hi Yaw,

I looked up the details message and it mentioned an authorization issue. I realized that i mistook a hyphen for an underscore in the username which obviously resolved the issue. thanks for the hint about details - I should have figured out that one by myself.

Thanks for your help.

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