ODK Briefcase: RE: Pulling from Central

Hi All,

Got stuck again in trying to pull from Central through ODK briefcase (v1.17.4) This time when I try to pull, Briefcase runs for about 45 seconds and then stats "Start getting submission IDs" and then does nothing. No pull, nothing to export. Not sure why this would even occur.

Thanks again

No idea on Briefcase, maybe @LN or @yanokwa could have a pointer once they're awake.

If you're open to alternatives, have you tried the export submissions button in Central, or if R is an option, tried ruODK?

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Hi @padraicfinan ,

can you attach the briefcase log to this forum post?
The briefcase log is on the same directory where briefcase jar is.

Could you also try with the version 1.18?
You can download this version here

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Agreed with @aurdipas that you should try the latest version (v1.18) and see if it works.