ODK Build and ODK Collect


the form works for me, so something is likely corrupt with your odk
folder on the sdcard. read over the following steps, then try it out.

you will lose all your forms and data when you do these steps, so if
you need that data, please back up that folder or submit them to your
aggregate install.

  1. make sure you quit odk collect.
  2. delete the /odk folder from your phone's sd card.
  3. unplug your phone from the computer (or any device that might mount
    the sdcard)
  4. reboot the phone.
  5. relaunch collect and try the new form.

in the future, please send such questions to the mailing list (cc'ed).
we prefer you use the mailing list because it reduces duplication and
allows the entire community to answer questions in a publicly viewable
and searchable way.


ยทยทยท On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 07:29, Andrew Leonard wrote: > Hello, > I am pretty new to the ODK Community, i have previously set up a basic odk > server and got the server to send and receive forms and data from odk > collect on my phone. I am now working on getting ODK Aggregate to work, i > created a basic form with ODK Build and exported the form to aggregate, and > then downloaded it to my phone without a problem. When i go to start a new > form in ODK Collect, i get an error saying, "Document has no root element". > I am currently running ODK Collect v.1.5, downloaded from the Android > Market, also attached is the output form from build. Any help would be > appreciated. > > Thanks, > Andrew >