ODK Build - condition show question if


**1. Having dificulties to create a working conditional-expression in the "show question if"-field. The field I am referring to is "hatExtras" and it is a 'choose one' options-field. The following question should only be displayed if the user chooses 'ja'

**2. Using ODK Central on own server. This problem is on ODK Build, however

**3. Show Question If: ${hatExtras} = 'ja' This throws an error when loading the form on the mobile at download: '...Couldn't undderstand the expression starting at this point: (${hatExtras}=...'

Would you be able to show a working example of an expression, please?

Thank you

Hi @ufotech
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This is a form I created using ODK Build: showIfTest.xml (1.8 KB)

It contains:
SelectOne question with a, b, c options
Text question which is displayed if c is selected in the previous question.

Here is what I had to add:

What you tried (with $ sign) if used when you create form using xls https://xlsform.org/en/ not ODK Build. I entourage you to try it because it gives more options and is easier if you need some additional calculations like here.

Works great. Thank you very much indeed.


I couldn't make it work, could you give a better example of the code?