ODK Build Offline Windows 0.32 : 2 questions!

Hi all,
ODK Build is very interesting and more complete than that of ONA or Kobo and I used it during the initiation to ODK.
However I found myself facing 2 problems:

  1. the name of the "project" of the form is never taken into account and we end up with forms "Untitled form", which requires to go through Excel,
  2. loading the form in aggregate is mandatory via an external network and in HTTPS: //, my aggregate server is in a local network not open to the Internet and in HTTP: // I can not use this functionality, That I find pity.

Do you have any solutions? Did I look badly?


Hello! The first item sounds like a possible bug. Just so I'm completely clear on what you're seeing, could you please walk me through where exactly you are filling in what you call the "project" of the form and where you expect to see that name?

As for the second item, two responses to your two questions:

  1. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do from build.opendatakit.org to connect to your private server. You may, however, have better luck with the offline version of Build, which runs locally on your computer and should therefore be able to connect to your own Aggregate (minus any issues with internal firewalls, etc).
  2. The HTTP vs HTTPS part of the second item is an existing issue we have open on the project that some community collaborators were working on, but unfortunately they haven't reported back in a while. The good news is that we too find it a pity and have decided to stop waiting and do it ourselves. You can expect it in the next release of Build, which should be in the next few weeks.
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hi and thanks for your reponse
For the first :
It is not buid.opendatakit.ord but the ODK Build Offline Windows (and I will change the title of my question that lacks precision).
I thought that by putting a title in the "Setting / Form Properties" menu I could find it as the title of my form.
But in the formular or the "Excel / settings" workbook I only have form_title = Untitled_Form!
So to modify in Excel and / or form.xlm

For the second :
also ODK Build Offline Windows and therefore the connection to my server is from my pc locally but https: // added by the program prevents the connection


Okay! So it sounds like the problems and solutions are:

  1. You are setting the form title in form properties and expecting the XLSForm export to reflect that setting on the settings sheet inside the workbook. That is an oversight; I will file and issue and get it fixed in the next release.
  2. You aren't actually having any problems with the external network as you are on the same network, so your only actual issue is the HTTPS restriction, which as mentioned we are also fixing for the next release.

Sound correct?

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hi Clint,
excellent and thanks