ODK Build update


I've updated ODK Build with a couple of minor fixes and features the community has requested recently:
• Groups now support adding the 'appearance=field-list' attribute for display all the grouped prompts on a single screen.
• You can now use the characters <, >, &, and " in various properties on forms without breaking the export.
• For the past week, skiplogic hasn't been exporting properly. It should work now.
• Range options were previously strictly exclusive (eg, 2 < userinput < 4, as opposed to 2 ≤ userinput ≤ 4). Now you can specify whether you want inclusivity at either end of the range (thanks to Neil Penman for pointing this one out.)

By the end of this week I should be able to release the following features:
• Save and load .odkbuild native files for the purpose of collaboration.
• Select One/Many bulk options editor and presets loading and saving.

I'll send another update when I get those features out. Please let me know if you have any troubles with the current version.

—Clint Tseng