ODK Central allows creation of a new draft even when form is closed

I closed a form in ODK central and cannot have more submissions for the same, but i can still add more versions and publish the same (Project has not been archived yet)

Can someone please help if this is a bug? or is it expected?

This is the expected behavior. You can always set the form lifecycle stage to whatever you want: you can always, for example, re-open a closed form. You might close a form, update the form (keeping in mind the warnings around updating a form after data collection has started), and then reopen it for a second round of data collection - you can use the 'closed' state to prevent the form from being downloaded in the period between rounds of data collection.

See the docs on managing form lifecycle, for details on the various form states.


Thank you so much for quick response, I was more curious to know why would be still allow more versions to be added if we have marked the form to closed?

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I think this might just be a matter of word choice. Maybe think about it like a store? A store can "close" in order to update its inventory but will then reopen later with the changed items.

Is there a word that you think would better describe the survey state instead of "closed"?