ODK Central App-username on the CSV

Is it possible to get the app user (the name) as part of the csv? currently that info is only displayed on the ODK central platform but missing on the downloaded csv. Thanks


Hi @Felix_Mutua! I definitely agree that there could be advantages to including all the information we show in the online submissions table as part of the CSV. It'd also be very helpful if you could tell us more about your current app user setup and how you envision using the app user name in the CSV. For example, do you create a separate app user for each data collector? Do you plan on looking at the app user as part of your data cleaning or data analysis workflow?

Thanks Matthew.

I’m currently using app user per device. I’d want to know the user who collected the data purely for QA/QC.

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Thank you, @Felix_Mutua! I've created a GitHub issue for this, which you can find here.


Ive uploaded some form, data is collected on the phone and all fields are captured.. However, much of the fields are empty on the submissions download... what could be the issue?

facility_v2.xml (14.8 KB)