ODK Central connection with Postgresql

Hi All! Is there a documented procedure somewhere on how to automatically parse data from ODK central to a Postgresql database? I have Central installed on an Ubuntu server via Digital Ocean, and Postgresql installed on my local drive for testing purposes. A step-by-step guide would be most appreciated...

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What specific high-level problem you are trying to solve? I ask because working with Central submissions at the database level isn't typically the most robust approach.

If you are trying to build some kind of dashboard, I'd recommend using the OData feed. If you you are trying to build more involved integrations, perhaps the Submissions API would be a better place to start from.


Hi Yanokwa,
Thank you for your remarkable and useful corrections.
I have a high level problem which is described as follows:
I had published a form for a large-scale activity, we had used image capture for the first time.
This generated a very considerable number of data going up to more than one gigabyte for nearly 10,000 records only.
So I tried to locate the images to delete them because they were optional. unfortunately I did not find the image folders, it seems to me that these images would be saved directly in the database, hence my motivation to empty the column.

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