ODK central emails coming randomly


I setup ODK Central 1.3.3 on a server on AWS, and discovered that password reset emails are coming fine from the server to my email. I did not do any special setup for email, only followed the guidelines of ODK Central standard installation.

Today, I followed same steps to install ODK Central on another AWS server. But the emails are not coming. I tried many times, but its not working.

Just wanted to ask how to check and/or setup email server for ODK Central. Where should I look for?


I did some more research. It has something to do with the domain which I associate with the ODK Central server. Although I am still 100% sure that I did not do anything to setup email setup separately on any server. Still, one ODKC emails are working fine, while not the other one.

Using the default email server that comes packaged with Central has problems that are outside of ODK's control. There's a section of the docs on Troubleshooting Central - Users aren't receiving emails that gives details and suggestions.