ODK Central: Form Tables

Dear All,

Currently ODK database (tables) on postgres database looks like below:

I was wondering where each form data is being stored, since I would like to plug this data into a web based application i.e. reporting, dashboard, graphs etc.

Thanks you!


Hi @Ayub ,

Please checkout this thread...

HI @dicksonsamwel ,

Thanks for the detailed thread on how Central is planned, I believe ODK Central moved away from the way data was stored in aggregate i.e. in separate tables. Is there a guide how can I pull or store data through OData/APIs and move it into MySQL or other database?


Checkout this documentation for ODK Central API

And here is the docs for Connecting to submission data over OData

Hi @yanokwa @dicksonsamwel ,

Thanks for pointing towards the documentation, I have reviewed API documentation for accessing all submissions (in possible JSON format), reason being that I need to tie this data with a relational database and automate this process (for customized reporting i.e. not exporting all columns, joining with other datasets etc)

Few troubles that I got into using postman trying to get all submission ins JSON:

Using /forms/tf/submissions returns below response:

        "instanceId": "uuid:fa209aac-a6ff-4ba4-a653-4ff53513b4c5",
        "submitterId": 13,
        "deviceId": "collect:bkz3oKR2EsTWompw",
        "createdAt": "2021-11-28T08:30:24.935Z",
        "updatedAt": null,
        "reviewState": null

Which seems to return basic survey information (meta-data) and not the actual fields.

However documentation says to try with /forms/tf/submission:

This returns below response:

    "message": "Could not find the resource you were looking for.",
    "code": 404.1

Can you please guide what seems to be missing here, Thank you so much!