ODK central is not getting up

Hi All,
i am trying to run ODK central server in AWS ubuntu instance, but ODK Central is not getting up.

The below is the stack trace of the server

central_postgres_1 docker-entrypoint.sh postgres Up 5432/tcp
enketo docker-entrypoint.sh /bin/ ... Up 8005/tcp
enketo_redis_cache docker-entrypoint.sh redis ... Up 6379/tcp
enketo_redis_main docker-entrypoint.sh redis ... Up 6379/tcp
mail /bin/entrypoint.sh exim -b ... Up 25/tcp
nginx /bin/bash /scripts/odk-set ... Up (unhealthy)>443/tcp,>80/tcp
pyxform waitress-serve --port=80 - ... Up
secrets docker-entrypoint.sh ./gen ... Exit 0
service docker-entrypoint.sh ./wai ... Up 8383/tcp

All the services are up but nginx is not getting up with health status.
My .env file conf is given below

Please can anyone provide some solution

Hi @Ankit_Singh
could you try this command:
docker-compose logs nginx
and share the output? That should tell us more.


I think your host is not pointed to your server's ip, or DNS not propagated, do that and then
docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d

Your domain cannot be localhost. As described at https://docs.getodk.org/central-install-digital-ocean/#obtaining-and-setting-up-odk-central, it must be a fully qualified domain name like myserver.example.com.

What if someone doesn't want to buy domain nor use free domain and just access the server via IP? is that even possible by leaving that value empty or remove at all?

Hi Grzesiek2010,

Did your question get an answer because I get the same error as above. I want to test using 'localhost' or similar test server without using a 'DOMAIN=' in '.env'. Can this line be removed?

Yeah, and it's not possible. I think it's well explained here installed-ODK-central-website-not-loading - #18 by LN

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