ODK Central v0.4 setup- Run command "docker-compose ps" return " Unhealthy"

Thank you in advance. Pls inform when you done

i did it about five minutes after my previous post.

Sorry Clint,
It's still not OK.
I've also tried to reinstall new Central, the set up success but whenever I do upgrade it become "unhealthy".

And, my new Central still fail to back up to Google Drive. Here is the message when I run the query : _select details from audits where action='backup';_

{"success":false,"message":"Cannot read property 'getRoot' of undefined","stack":"TypeError:
Cannot read property 'getRoot' of undefined\n at create (/usr/odk/node_modules/googleapis
/build/src/apis/drive/v3.js:472:31)\n at create (internal/util.js:230:26)\n at drive.ap
i.files.list.then (/usr/odk/lib/task/google.js:47:45)\n at \n at process._ti
ckCallback (internal/process/next_tick.js:188:7)"}
(1 row)

yes; if you tried to install a new one or do an upgrade, it will definitely have broken.

but hopefully not anymore; i just pushed the updates so if you try again hopefully it'll stop being unhealthy. do remember to let it think for 3-5 minutes before deciding whether it's really unhealthy or not.

Hi. I am facing a similar issue. I am trying to install the latest version of ODK Central using the DigitalOcean installation guide and when I run docker-compose ps, my nginx server says it is unhealthy. Moreover, when I look into the logs, it says that the "certbot encountered an error." Although I changed the .env document to reflect the changes in the DigitalOcean guide. Please advise.

hey @dlederer, please take a look at the patch instructions given here. let me know if they aren't clear enough.

Thanks @issa will let you know how it goes.

Dear All i have run ODK central the log file is not complete should i wait