ODK Cloud vs old Aggregate

Hi, we have been using ODK with aggregate and Collect app till the 1.4 version since a few years, and great aims has been reached with it. Now new needs are coming so we decided to upgrade out ODK tools.

Reading your docs we understood that ODK-X won't be our choice because the structure is too much complex from the old ODK and we cannot spend too much time on learn about it.
So we we are aiming to the standard ODK, that now it seems is called ODK Cloud, right?

Reading the documentation, is not clear is the old Aggregate is the new name Central server, it that correct?

One more thing, this is an issue on you documentation here https://xlsform.org/en/#grid-theme-forms, if you click on the "Grid theme webform" link it goes to a 404.

Thank you very much

Hi @Angelo_Lazzari1

I know that the naming might be confusing but it's not like ODK-X (before called ODK-2) is a newer or better version of ODK it's just a separate project. ODK has even bigger audience and is more actively maintained.

ODK Cloud is just a paid service offered by https://getodk.org/ so that you can easily get your own server without worrying about the infrastructure and installing everything.

ODK Central is the new server we are working on and we no longer maintain ODK Aggergate but it's not only about naming, ODK Central is a completely new server written using different technologies.


Thank you very much @Grzesiek2010 ! Have a great day and stay safe!

If you are interested in ODK Cloud you can request a free demo https://getodk.org/

ok thank you very much!