ODK Collect/Clinic

hi jesse,

in the future, please send such questions to the mailing list (cc'ed).
we prefer you use the mailing list because it reduces duplication and
allows the entire community to answer questions in a publicly viewable
and searchable way. now on to some answers!

please make sure your phone (real or emulator) browser can go to the
openmrs login page. if that works, you know networking isn't the
problem. if it's not working, you gotta fix that first.
should be helpful if you are using the emulator. if you are using a
real phone, the vm will need an ip that is accessible outside the

i'm assuming you followed the instructions at
http://code.google.com/p/opendatakit/wiki/ODKClinic. if not, please
try those and let us know what happens. you might also want to try the
tip of trunk in the clinic repo, that version should makes the
collect/clinic integration much better. we don't have proper openmrs
user auth yet, you have to enter the openmrs admin's username and
password in the clinic preferences. if you are using the openmrs
virtual machine (another uw creation!), that should be admin/test.

couple of related projects that you should know about...

the millenium villages project (at columbia) is making some changes to
odk clinic (new patient registration, ui changes, etc). this is for a
nursing application that ties into openmrs, but there should be plenty
of overlap. glad to connect you to that team.

there is a team of uw grad students who are adding bluetooth sensors
support into collect. they should have something demoable in a few
weeks. at that point, i expect the code to be made public so others
can chip in. waylon (wrb@cs.washington.edu) is on that team so maybe
you can ping him for the details.

hope that helps,


ยทยทยท On Tue, Feb 22, 2011 at 00:17, Jesse Qualliotine wrote: > Hello Yaw, > Good afternoon. My name is Jesse and I am an undergraduate engineer at > Columbia University working in Dr. Samuel Sia's Lab. Our lab's goal is to > create a diagnostic healthcare device that connects with a smart phone and > uploads data to Open MRS. At this time, our lab is still in the > proof-of-concept phase. I have looked at many different applications and > the Open Data Kit series (specifically ODK Collect and ODK Clinic) appears > to the best option. I have what I believe to be the latest versions of both > ODK Collect (v1.1.5) and ODK Clinic (v1.0) on my android and Open MRS on my > computer (Ubuntu Virtual Machine running on Windows 7). > I am having trouble connecting to my Open MRS server with both applications. > I saw your post about why the user authentication is disabled > (http://groups.google.com/group/opendatakit-developers/browse_thread/thread/cacc8bd5e3b4808c) > and was wondering if this is only because of a security issue with JavaRosa. > Since my lab is only trying to see if our device can transmit data > properly, data security is not an issue. If it is the case, do you by any > chance have an available version in which I would be able to connect my > android to the Open MRS server and test the transmission of XForms? If not, > do you know when an available version would be released? > One other goal of my project is for the diagnostic device to connect to an > android phone via Bluetooth and transmit the test data to the phone, which > would then automatically be entered into an XForm in ODK Collect, ready to > be sent to Open MRS. Do you know whether uploading test results into the > XForm via Bluetooth has been looked into or whether this would be an easy > feature to implement? > Thank you very much for your time, > Jesse Qualliotine > Columbia University, 2012