Odk Collect - email completed forms

Hi my organisation wont let me have access to an internet server to host odk server nor will the allow access to google drive. The the only solution i can think of is can the completed form be emailed out using the phone native email application rather than being posted back to a server

Hi @Awji,

ODK does not have this capability. Since you cant use odk aggregate nor Google drive, the only option is to extract them manually.
The data once saved, it will be available in odk folder in the device memory .
Using briefcase you should be able to extract your data in csv format.

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You can send a completed form as an email, see link below:

@DavidM To be precise, you can send information inside the form via email, but there's no easy way to send the entire form as an attachment.

I think @dicksonsamwel's suggestion of Briefcase works great if you have physical access to the device.

I bet there might also be some Android app that will let you automate email sending or sync the folder to Dropbox or some other approved storage. Maybe Tasker or FolderSync?

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