ODK Collect: SELECT_ONE options are going off the screen


I am using Collect v1.28.2. I just noticed that the SELECT_ONE question for a dropdown list is clipping the options beyond the available and scrollable part of the mobile screen. I am using MINIMAL as APPEARANCE in the code. Please see the attached image for more explanation. It seems to be a bug in the new app version.


You're right that this looks like a bug. I'm not able to reproduce, what Android version and device are you on? It seems related to the soft buttons at the bottom of the screen (black bar).

Device: Huawei P10 Lite.
Android version: 8
Collect version: v1.28.2

Yes, it has soft control buttons bar at the bottom of the screen. But few lists are displayed OK, while some are getting clipped. Can't seem to figure out what's the common factor between them.

We tried on many devices but couldn't reproduce. The bar looks weird is that something default for that Huawei or maybe you have installed custom navigation bar?