ODK Collect v1.16 Beta

@LN as I said the way it is now is quite intuitive and should not be a problem for an enumerator.
my comment was about consistency that is always a good thing... but sometime if you want innovation you need to be less conservative :slight_smile:

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Small thing: I just noticed that the icons on the upload screen look a bit odd: I assume they're supposed to be round as opposed to oval?

Thanks for spotting this Adam. I am gonna be working on a fix for it which will be available in a beta soon! Will update you when that fix is released so you can verify!

@dr_michaelmarks I wanted to make sure you saw @LN's question. To summarize, why would it be preferable to have a (re)-start ranking button. Would it be exactly like the date button where it's an edit operation? Would it reset the current ranking and start over?

I think its just a visual thing that makes clearer to the user that you can re-rank.
I think the date / geopoint widgets are similar?

We just uploaded v1.16 Beta 3 to the Play Store! Assuming no problems are found with this beta, we'll ship this build to all Collect users on Sunday.

@dr_michaelmarks @aurdipas We've made the changes to the rank widget so it’s the same as the date widget. Can you take a look?

@benjaminFaguer In your post at https://forum.getodk.org/t/13200 you wanted to be able to encrypt imported data in Collect. We’ve add that feature! Can you give it a try with one submission?

@Fabla and @lalo We (mostly @LN) added one more feature to this release that is pretty amazing: Sending a text message (SMS) or email from a form in Collect. That is, you can add a widget that lets you send compose a message from data in the form and send to whatever SMS number or email address. We’ve added sample form called “Send SMS or Email in Form” on the test server. What do you think?

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I like the new Rank form. I can still see that some might want a "Re-Rank" button similar to the re-capture of barcode form but I think its good.

I tried the Send SMS/Email from within form but it didn't work for me.
When I click the Launch button I get a message saying
"The Requested application is missing. Please manually enter the reading".

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Thanks for the feedback, @dr_michaelmarks. I think you are using v1.16.0 beta.2. Upgrade to beta.3 to resolve those issues you reported!

I think you are using v1.16.0 beta.2. Upgrade to beta.3 to resolve those issues you reported!

  • Correct. Both fixed. Its great.

One small thing - is there anyway to automatically go back to ODK Collect once the SMS has been sent and/or to make the message send in the background so you stay "in App" so to speak.

am glad to hear that this has work out, i will surely have a long at it, good work to all.


really cool. I like that.
Does it mean that Sunday also a version of XLSForm Offline will be released as well?

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@aurdipas There is a high-priority issue (https://github.com/opendatakit/xforms-spec/issues/203) in the XForms specification that is blocking Sunday's release. It's a relatively small code change, but it's a wee bit dangerous and we need help from @martijnr and @Ukang_a_Dickson to review and resolve.

Once that change is approved, it will require updates to JavaRosa, which will mean updates to Collect and Validate. It will also require updates to pyxform, which will mean updates to XLSForm Online and Offline.

All this to say, there's a lot going on, and the sequencing is tricky, but I'm hopeful we'll be able to get it all done by Sunday.

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I just pushed v1.16.0 beta.4 which resolves the blocking issue we found yesterday. Thanks to @LN for her quick fixes!

And for those keeping score, we've also updated JavaRosa and Validate. Next up is pyxform and XLSForm Online/Offline!

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The release is out to all users: ODK Collect v1.16!

Thanks so much for your detailed feedback on this beta. It really does help! :heart_eyes:

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Hi, sorry I just got back to the forum and your message. Yes, I will try it today and let you know how things work!

Quick update: It works! Thanks again for adding this feature.